4/03/13: Finally gettin' around to rollin' up my sleeves and updating this blog. A pair of road trips, Somes Bar in June '02 and Bucks Lake in June '01, have bad offsite links. My bud removed his pages quite awhile ago. Guess he forgot they were linked to my blog. Fortunately, I've his original pages and images. Will create new blog pages outta 'em. 
11/13/11: Haven't updated this blog for over a year thanks to posting my crap on Facebook. Have purged some dated items, and will try to spend a little time updating it.

5/29/10: Dennis Hopper (RIP 1936-2010)

5/05/10: My sister sent this photo taken at sunset from the deck of their home on Piers Island, British Columbia. It's located just north of Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island.

5/05/10: Dig this photo from the DEATHTRAPS MC blog. After getting their okay, posted it after doing a crop job with 30% black color layer. That knuckle dragging really freaks out the motorists.

5/02/10: Did the pace (smooth and assertive without using brakes) with 3 sportbikes and a sport-tourer from my digs to Trudy's Kitchen in Idaho City for lunch. Several others from the BRN contingent arrived soon afterwards. It was an exhilarating ride both ways. Am not into slow, fear of capsizing parades on these winding backroads.

4/30/10: Inexperienced riders. The guy who hit the rear brake threw his foot out to catch his bike thus catapulting him off the Harley. Second guy locked up his rear, and low sided.

3/28/10: My old friend, Jack Jensen, sent me these Rat Bobber pixs from Carefree, AZ. Both use Evo Sportster powerplants, and are ridden on dirt roads out in the desert.

Sportster Bobber in Carefree, AZ - 3/10 (JJ)

Sportster Bobber in Carefree, AZ - 3/10 (JJ)

Sportster Bobbers in Carefree, AZ - 3/10 (JJ)

3/24/10: Added photos by Michael-George Ames (MGA) from the Idaho Vintage M/C Show in Caldwell. Click images for larger versions.

Flames & Skulls Harley-Davidson (MGA)

The Mt. Everest of apehangers chopper (MGA)

Another view of these tall apehangers (MGA)

Vintage Harley-Davidson Flathead 45" (MGA)

Generator Shovelhead Work-In-Progress

1966-69 model years were Generator Shovelheads

Immaculate 1980 XLH1000 Sportster

Harley-Davidson Ironhead Chopster

Do you prefer a hardtail or a softail babes (MGA)

Older Posts: Miscellaneous photos taken over the years with some popular hangs thrown in.

Panhead FLH1200 in Caldwell, ID - 2003

Bridge Street Grill in Lower Stanley, ID

Busted Shovel in Meridian, ID

Victor's Hogs & Horns in Caldwell, ID